Cruise Travel Vacations – Your Cruise Choice and Ship Size

Cruises average trip is 1 week, although there are some longer cruises. Like many other forms of travel there are always great discount packages, so be sure to shop around. Cruises are a venture for a family vacation, honeymoon, wedding, anniversary, or just your time out to relax.

The United States, Canada, and UK often offer the biggest discount cruises do to the high demand to travel the ocean, and the amount of companies competing with each other.

Large Traditional Cruise Ship or Smaller Cruise ship

When you decide to take a cruise you will have many choices, and depending on what you’re looking to get out of your trip will determine the actually size of ship you end up on.

Large Cruise Ships

Modern large cruise ships are faster, and more action packed, now more than ever before. They will have extensive entertainment, and dining. When I say dining I mean you will have a large choice of several restaurant styles on 1 ship. You could have Steakhouses, French, Asian, Italian, and even a Sushi Bar. These luxurious cruise ships will also provide a large choice of different types of cabins to stay in on your trip most which will have private balconies.

You will need to keep in mind that these larger cruise ships tend to limit what ports you can park at due to their sheer size, of course there are plenty that are accommodated for these size of ships. Smaller cruise ships will just have more options for final destination.

Smaller Cruise Ship

Smaller Cruise ships give you the opportunity to visit new, and less crowded ports. They take you places big ships cannot reach without hitting the ocean floor. Small ships are capable of getting you right up to the shore in many cases, and seems your closer to the water level, rather than 10 stories above as you would be on a large cruise ship you would actually be able to see the ocean animals such as whales, seals, and the many others of sea life.

Small cruise ships will generally have expert naturalists on board to give information and commentary on what you would be seeing in the ocean. These type of ships are more about exploring, learning, and fun on that front that you won’t forget.


Satisfaction is a fact no matter which ship size you decide to take. Cruises have a higher percentage of satisfied customers than any other vacation experience. You will pay for your cruise up front and can easily calculate the cost of your trip.

Cruises are the most relaxing and worry free vacations available whether you are going with family or by yourself, taking a cruise is the ideal solution. If you are thinking about that next vacation and really want to have an adventure, don’t forget that cruises are now more affordable than ever.

Online Tobacco Shops and Cheap Cigarettes from Europe

Cheap cigarettes from Europe are increasingly being imported into Northern America and especially into USA. If you look closely into typical cases of imports it becomes clearer to one and all that most of these are retail imports than bulk consignments of enterprise volumes.

This has many interesting stories contained within. To begin with, this reflects the steep tax hike on cigarettes in the US. The tax increase has been so steep that, let alone the manufacturers and wholesale distributors across the nation, small neighborhood tobacco stores selling retail to smokers are slipping into loss due to lack of business. Apparently, regular smokers aren’t in a position to buy their weekly or monthly stock at such high prices.

Marlboro brand is the most hit of all; one who smokes Marlboro is now being catered to by online tobacco shops which are physically located mainly in Eastern Europe and some in Native American districts which legally enjoy low or no tax on cigarettes. So, the online stores have become the source point for cheap Marlboro cigarettes. Not surprisingly, these shops or the traders have innovatively been reaching the cigarette starved nations and specially the US. The fundamental advantage they enjoy is the drastic tax difference between their source and the US market.

Although Europe has been traditionally manufacturing and exporting cheap cigarettes to US and the rest of the world, recent hike in tax rates in Western Europe on the heels of US has turned the focus on Eastern Europe. Major tobacco manufacturers and cheap cigarettes traders have begun operating from this part with global vision. But how does this all relate to the quintessential smoker? The ordinary smoker is the one that obviously benefits from all this. Let’s see how – cheap Marlboro cigarettes from these sellers will cost around US$13 per carton which includes all taxes and shipping. You may not have gotten a carton of your favorite Marlboro cigarettes’ carton at this rate even in the pre tax hike era. There is a small catch here; you may be required to pay custom duty separately, this is not included in the cost.

There is another angle to this cheap cigarettes business. Ever since the tax hike, not just cigarette traders, both wholesale distributors and the small retailers but also the cigarette industry labors have suffered job losses by the bulk. Cigarette industry jobs have moved out of USA and into Europe; now it has further is moved from there to Eastern Europe. Eastern Europe is the present hotspot of large US and Asian cigarette manufacturers that are putting up plants of huge sizes in unbelievable speeds. This phenomenon is kindled by another less apparent but significant issue which both the online tobacco shop owners and manufacturers have used in their interest. Labor cost and salaries in Eastern Europe is considerably cheap in comparison to Western part of the continent, let alone US.

‘Online cheap cigarettes for sale’ is effecting major economic policy changes and adjustments. Cigarette importing countries are losing huge tax revenues which they would have collected had the industry not shifted focus out of US. Marlboro, which sells about 85% of world cigarettes, is now being made in Eastern Europe.

So, when you buy cigarettes the next time, you know where to get cheap Marlboro cigarettes from!